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Halloween Boxes


Trick or Treat?????

So Halloween may be a little different this year but that doesn't mean we have to go without the treats.

Treat your little monsters this Halloween to a special

Thyme & Date Halloween graze.  

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Each box is filled with spooky

sweet treats and surprises that will guarantee to put a scary face on your

little monsters.

Boxes contain sprinkle doughnut, chocolate/toffee apple, chocolate

covered shortcake bat biscuit, chewy snake, satsuma pumpkin, sweets,

a chewy bar, chocolates, marshmallows

and lollies. 

Decoration and 2 plastic creepy



Available for collection or delivery from 

24th October to 1st November. 


*Contains small plastic parts that cannot be consumed.

Boxes are not gluten free or suitable for vegetarians or vegans.

** Contents of box may vary slightly and may not be exactly as pictured.

*** Usual terms & conditions apply for payment and delivery (Please see our terms and

conditions page for further details).

£12 each

or  2 for £20

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